Moto Jacket for Transitional Weather


It's March in New England and I'm ready for spring!

We've had a few snow storms this year already but also a few unusually warm days - which has me hoping for an early spring. However if you've lived in New England, you know that the weather tends to be temperamental and fluctuations are normal. However this doesn't prevent from unearthing my favorite faux leather moto jacket from storage and wearing it out over a sweater today.


This moto jacket is affordable at just under $100 and vegan. There is so much to LOVE about this jacket. One of the main features that is hard-to-find is fitted cut. It is perfect for any woman who wants a more tailored, closer to figure-hugging shape. Very flattering. Another notable detail is the asymmetrical lapels, one side sits straight up and the other is a loose triangular flap. This might not be obvious if you're not looking closely. This type of styling makes the jacket easy to wear and appropriate for every day. The zipper details and cool geometric design on the back make this jacket stand out. For me, the padded shoulder areas are ever-so-slightly tight (but I've read reviews where others have said they were big - I didn't find this to be true) which I accommodated by wearing a cold shoulder sweater underneath. This sweater is has silver flecks that makes it shimmer in the light (it's on sale for <$10 now! The silver is sold out but a black/rainbow is available).

I'm also wearing fitted black ponte leggings with zipper details at the hip. This pair from Aqua has some cool racer-style seams along the length of the leg which makes my legs more shapely and long, and gives the illusion of thicker thighs. Depending on your body type, you may or may not want this.

My trusty Angela Roi tote with its textured pebble finish is the bag of choice for running errands for the day.  

Also as an aside, ladies - I think it is absolutely OK to wear leggings as pants if these two conditions are satisfied:

  1. The leggings are made of a thick material and not see-through and
  2. Your rear is covered (exception - if leggings have back pockets, then rear doesn't need to be covered). 

Agree/disagree? Share your thoughts with me about leggings as pants in the comments below!


BLANKNYC Jacket (comes in two colors) + Aqua Cold Shoulder Top (silver sold out, similar here) + Aqua Ponte Leggings + Angela Roi Tote + Coach Boots (sold out, similar here and here) + Bauble Bar Necklace (old, similar here)

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