Clean Skin Requires Beauty Water


"Beauty water? What type of nonsense is this?" - Said my husband examining a skinny, frosted bottle from the bathroom counter.

Dear husband, it is not nonsense. It is a magical elixir and possibly sourced from the fountain of youth.

You Need Son & Park Beauty Water (Review): - A Boston Blog
You Need Son & Park's Beauty Water (Review): - A Boston Blog
You Need Son & Park's Beauty Water (Review): - A Boston Blog
You Need Son & Park's Beauty Water: - A Boston Blog

Son & Park's Beauty Water is refreshment in a bottle. It is a multi-purpose product that cleanses and tones your skin. It contains calming ingredients like rose water, lavender water, and witch hazel. Papaya extract helps lift excess oils and impurities. I've been a huge fan since first use (about 2 years ago). I am currently on my 5th bottle! It is a must-have item for me and for anyone who is passionate about skincare.


I'm a double cleanser. At the end of the night, I use an oil based make-up remover (currently using Tatcha Camellia Oil) and then followed by a gentle cleanser (currently using Boscia Purifying Gel Cleanser). These two steps take off 98% of the make-up, dirt, and oil on my face. But there is still that 2%! 

My third step is to wet a cotton pad with Son & Park's Beauty Water and swipe it all across my skin. It is light, smooth, and refreshing. This beauty water is gentle and there is zero sting. Without fail, it always picks up residual make-up and other impurities. It is safe to use around the eye areas, and it always, always, always picks up residual traces of mascara or eye liner. The truth is left on the cotton pad! I am astounded by what is left over after my double cleanse washing each time.

My skin is high-maintenance (acne-prone, hyper-pigmentation, scarring, uneven texture, and combination skin) and each season brings its challenges. I am so pleased that this product removes all residual impurities! My skin always looks cleaner and brighter after use. Pores look clean and reduced in size over time. Face is hydrated and balances pH before bed. It is also wonderful to use in the morning as it lightly exfoliates so foundation and tinted moisturizers go on flawlessly.

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You Need Son & Park's Beauty Water: - A Boston Blog

Have you tried Son & Park's Beauty Water? What do you think? Yay or Nay? Let me know in the comments.