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From time to time but mostly on special occasions, I'll put on pair of false lashes. It takes time, effort, and a ton of hand-eye coordination (which I don't have). Sometimes, I'll even get glue in my eye. Worth it?  - Absolutely yes! Because lashes make my hooded eyes look bigger and more awake! Not to mention, I also feel so glam.

Conventional strip lashes are a great option to achieve that Hollywood appearance. They come in a variety of styles, lengths, degrees of fullness, and can be re-used several times. The biggest pain point for me is the glue. I'm so untalented when it comes to the application that I need at least several attempts to get them in place. Not to mention that residual glue and remnants of mascara reduce the lifespan of most strip lashes and aren't exactly the most hygienic.

So I was excited to hear about the invention of magnetic lashes! One Two Cosmetics was the first company to debut magnetic lashes; their ads and videos were all over social media. In those videos, joy and amusement spread across faces of models as their lashes "clicked" into place. The company's first product was a pair of accent lashes aka "half lashes" which were fun, flirty, and most importantly easy! While I loved the concept, I wasn't a fan of the half lash look and so waited on a longer length. Not too long ago, One Two Cosmetics finally added 4 full-length lash options (varying degrees of fullness) to their product line.

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I purchased the "Full Coverage Enhanced Lash" option; it is one step up in fullness and length from their classic (most basic) lash option. See my before/after shots and read my review below.




magnetic lashes REVIEW:


The lashes come in 6 pieces (3 pieces per eye): 2 top lashes and 4 short bottom lashes. Small rectangular magnets are located at the ends of the top lash and the entire length of the bottom lashes. They are housed in a plastic magnetic case with 6 spaces, labeled for convenience. There are two large spaces for the top strips and 4 smaller spaces for the bottom strips. The case itself is magnetic so it is travel friendly and the lashes will stay in place. One Two Cosmetics also includes a small plastic tool to assist with application.


These enhanced lashes are beautiful! Soft and the right amount of fluffliness; the main lash band is a medium thickness (not too thin, otherwise it wouldn't hold the lashes). Band is flexible and strong, similar to conventional lashes. Bottom lash bands are shorter, come in 2 separate pieces and hairs are much thinner. The magnets on the lash band ends are extremely strong and likely why these lashes cost a whomping $69 per pair. 


Getting the lashes on and aligned properly takes practice. I've worn this pair about 12 times and truth be told, I haven't mastered it yet. Not a surprise considering that it takes me a while even with regular strip lashes. The method that works best for me is using my fingers, top lash first and then bottom lashes second. Little red squares denote the top side of the bottom lashes but these squares rub off quickly (after the 2nd wear). I had issues getting alignment when facing straight on looking at a mirror. So I sit perpendicular to a large mirror, turn my head approximately 15 degrees towards the mirror and then match the top end to the bottom end. The hardest part is getting the top lash 100% flush against my lash line (noticeable when you don't do it right, see my photos) for a seamless appearance. I skip using applicator tool completely (too bulky). 

Taking off the lashes is easy. You put your index finger on the top lash's magnet and your thumb on the bottom lash magnet. Apply a little pressure with your thumb and slide off. Make sure to replace in the case right away.


  • No glue. No fuss, no mess, and no residue. Win, win, and win!
  • Extremely secure. The super strong magnets means zero effort in getting the lashes to "click" together. Once attached, the lashes won't budget. Even on a windy day, the lashes stayed in place. No adjustment needed.
  • Longevity. These lashes have lasted after multiple wears and they are holding up nicely. So far, my cost per wear is $5.75 ($69 /12 wears) and will only decrease as I get more use. I'm fairly certain that I can get to 20 wears easily, probably more. Compared to conventional lashes, I average about 1-2 wears which is about $4.50 per wear.


  • One size does not fit all. These lashes are a touch too long for me and I can't cut them to fit because of the magnets. I have to position them inward (towards my nose) to accommodate the length. If I go too far inward, the magnet pokes the side of my eye. 
  • Bottom lashes are wispy and fragile. Because you need to use your thumb to slide the bottom lash out, I've already start to misshape some of the hairs. One or two hairs have already fallen out each of the bottom lashes.
  • Need lashes to sandwich. The magnets need lashes to grip to. So if you have sparse or no lashes at either end of your eyes, these lashes will droop.


Having worn these lashes many times now, I like them a lot. If length of the lash band were just a little shorter, it would be much easier to work with #smalleyeproblems . The biggest benefit and selling point for me is not having to use glue (and thereby, accidentally end up ripping out some of my natural lashes when removing). But this convenience comes at a price, literally - $69 a pair is a lot. I try to keep in mind cost per wear and it becomes a more sensible purchase. If One Two Cosmetics comes out with a slightly shorter length option (and one that is longer than their accent/half lash) then I'd buy again.

Let me know if you have questions - I'll be happy to answer them. I've also used Ardell magnetic lashes too so if you're interested in a comparison, leave me a comment!



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Note that I purchased these magnetic lashes on my own. Not sponsored or affiliated.

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