Transition into Spring with A Lace Crop Top


A crop top is something that I very rarely reach for. 

Mostly because I often can't make crop tops work for my body type. I have an almost  an 1:1 torso to leg length ratio and a straight body type. Crop tops make me look boxy (and not the good kind of boxy look). However, I recently discovered this gorgeous white lace option from Lucy Paris. This company's style is a mix of European poise, New York ambition, and California ease.  

Spring Lace Crop Top by Lucy Paris: - A Boston Blog
Spring Lace Crop Top by Lucy Paris: - A Boston Blog
Spring Lace Crop Top by Lucy Paris: - A Boston Blog

Details & Fit

What first caught my eye was the distinct combination the two types of lace in this top. There is a finer and more delicate lace composing the center. A thicker lace overlays the delicate lace as trim for the collar, butterfly sleeves, and waist. The top is completely lined with a nude satin-like fabric. It is a breeze to put on, though there are two parts that come together. Two adorable fabric covered buttons come together at the collar and allow for the peekaboo slit. Then at the bottom of the top is an inconspicuous zipper that runs along the spine.

The two things that I like most about this top are: 

  1. Despite it being a crop top, it has tailored fit without actually being tailored. It is slightly loose around the shoulder area but ever so slightly narrows as it gets closer to the waist. The wavy sleeves that run vertically create volume. These aspects helps to give the illusion of a smaller waist. For ladies who have a straight body type like me, this top really works.
  2. The strategically placed horizontal piece of lace at the waist (say that 5 times fast!). It hits me right where my natural waist is and again, looks like I have a little waist!

Paired this top with my all-time favorite Brass ponte pants because of the high-waist band. It sucks you in and never lets go! I wore this outfit to a fundraiser recently and got so many compliments on this top.

Right now, you can score this top 25% off at Bloomingdale's Friend & Family Sale (from April 6-15, 2018) Discount is added automatically! 


Lucy Paris Lace Crop Top (exclusive top!) + Brass Ponte Pants + The Daily Edited Fold Clutch (in Taupe, monogram is optional) + Rosefield Watch

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Spring Lace Crop Top by Lucy Paris: - A Boston Blog