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Picks for Sephora's VIB Sale - 15% Off

Are you ready to be broke AF? That is always how I feel when Sephora's bi-annual VIB sale rolls around. Sephora has two VIB sales a year: one in April for 15% off your entire purchase and one in November for 25% off. Outside of

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Best Dryer for Blow Outs at Home

I can't blow dry my hair to save my life. At least not with a round brush and conventional blow dryer. I wish that I were blessed with naturally frizz-free, stick straight hair like my other Asian sisters. But I'm not. When left to its 

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Local Feature: Follain for Clean Beauty

Have you ever entered a store and been completing overwhelmed by thousands of choices? Beauty counters, speciality stores, etc. Countless bottles in a myriad of colors, shapes, and sizes lined across hundreds

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